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Ordering Info:
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- Send your orders to: grindfather.prod[at]googlemail[dot]com
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Grindfather Productions is UK-based underground D.I.Y. label/distro devoted to releasing and distributing underground grindcore releases. So far we've printed official t-shirts from some of the best grindcore bands from all over the world.

GF001   Proletar "Back To Hatevolution" [Discography] (CD)     2009
GF002   Vex "Capitalism Is Cannibalism" CD 2010
GF003   Insomnia Isterica/Embalming Theatre - Split 7" 2011
GF004   Matka Teresa/Sakatat-Split 7" 2011
GF005   Agathocles/Kazamate-Split CD 2011
GF006   Catheter-Southwest Doom Violence 12" 2012
GF007   Exogorth/Bangsat-Split 7" 2012 7"2012
GF009   Unholy Grave/Hatred Division-Split 7" 2012
GF010   Agathocles/Maximum Thrash - Split 7"
GF011   Proletar/Geber Split 7"
GF012   Mesrine/Sposa In Alto Mare split 10"
GF013   Suffering Mind/H.407 split 12"
GF014   Archagathus/Pizzahifive-Split 7"
GF015   Archagathus/Maximum Thrash-Split 7"
GF016   Unholy Grave/David Carradine-Split 6"
GF017   Insomnia Isterica/Terror Firmer-Split 7"
GF018   Godstomper/Terlarang-Split 10"
GF019   Archagathus/Compost-Split 7"
GF020   Extreme Smoke 57/H-Incident-Split 7"
GF021   Corrupt Humanity/Chemical Tomb-Split 7"
GF022   Archagathus/Bestial Vomit-Split 7"
GF023   Violent Gorge/Meatal Ulcer-Split Tape
GF024   Matka Teresa/Syntax Split 7"
GF025   Unholy Gravre "Grindcrew Warheads"-12"
GF026   Agathocle/Vatican City Syndrome-Split 7"
GF027   Bangsat/Deathevoke-Split Tape
GF028   Terror Strike "Demo" Tape
GF029   Exogorth/Gezora-Split Tape
GF030   Archagathus/Jeffrey Dahmer-Split 7"
GF031   Misanthropic Noise/Violent Gorge-Split 10""
GF032   Headcrash "Discography" Tape
GF033   Compulsion To Kill/Needful Things-Split 7"
GF034   Compulsion To Kill/Grinchfinger-Split 7"
GF035   Icon Of Evil "Syfilis Mentalis Tape
GF036   Sordo/SMG-Split Tape
GF037   Arroyo/Mr.Bogus-Split Tape
GF038   Parazitozis "Discoregraphy" TAPE
GF039   Agitate/Grunt/Bungus/Chetwrecker 4 Way Split 12"
GF040   Sete Star Sept/Extreme Hair Stench-Split Tape
GF041   Pancreacetomie/G.O.D.-Split Tape
GF042   COrrupt Humanity/Takashi Ohkawa-Split Tape
GF043   Archagthus/Paucities-Split 7"
GF044   Violent Gorge/Sete Star Sept-Split 5,5"
GF045   Gate "Early Works" Tape
GF046   G.O.D/Violent restitution-Split 7"
GF047   Archagathus/Soil Of Ignorance-Split 7"
GF048   Repulsione "Blastbeat Generation - Discography 2005-2011" Tape
GF049   Sete Star Sept "Tape Collection 2012" CD
GF050   Agathocles/Malpractice Insurance-Split Tape
GF051   Repulsione "Sunrip" 12"
GF052   Metal Ulcer "Why Won't It Die?" Tape
        GF053   Agathocles/Iron Butter-Split 7"*
GF054   G.O.D./Ahna-Split Tape
GF055   Trepan Dead/Yattai-Split 7"
GF056   Nyctophobic "War Criminal Views" 12"
GF057   Archagatghus/Nak'ay-Split 10"
GF058   Embalming Theatre/Tersanjung 13-Split 7"
GF059   Warsore "Violent Swing Discography"-Tape
GF060   SMG/Devastation Of Life/Slaughtergrave-3 Way Split CD
GF061   Violent Gorge "Auricular Constabulary" CD
GF062   Hellisheaven "Abyss Of War" 12"
GF063   Archagathus/Lt.Dan-Split 7"
GF064   Rotting Rex/Exacerbacion-Split Tape
GF065   Paucities "Still Mince Attitude 2010-2013 Complete Discography" Tape
GF066   Sete Star Sept/Malicious Existence-Split tape 2015
GF067   Proletar/Grind Buto/Ondet Of Serious Problem-3 Way Split CD
GF068   Corrupt Humanity/Cum Sock-Split Tape
GF069   violent Gorge/Grinchfinger-Split 7"
GF070   SMG "Agonizing Grind Hell" Tape
GF071   Tersanjung13/Terlarang-Split 7"
GF072   Sete Star Sept/Spastic Burn Victims-Split Tape
GF073   Tersanjung 13 - discography tape
GF074   Sakatat "Bir Devrin Sonu" Tape
GF075   Wojtyla "Discography 09-10" Tape
GF076   Archagathus "Dehumanized" Tape
GF077   G.O.D./Mesrine-Split 7"
GF078   Raw Npise Apes/Slaughterday-Split 7"
GF079   Agathocles/Archagthus-Split Tape
GF080   Camphora Monobromata/Rotting Rex-Split Tape
GF081   Dispepsiaa "Da Miséria Ao Nada Do Nada À Miséria" Discography Tape
GF082   Terror Firmer "Grind's Not Dead" Tape
GF083   Powercup/Takashi Ohkawa-Split Tape
GF084   Slapendehonden/Finger Death Party-Split 7"
GF085   Agathocles/SxRxT-Split Tape
GF086   Hyperemesis/Hypoprothrombinemia-Split CD
GF087   Suffering Mind/Matka Teresa-Split 7"
GF088   H-Incident "...Chaos Days 1994-2000 Tape
GF089   V/A: "A Symphony Of Death Rattles"-12 Way Split Tape
GF090   Pizzahifive "Oh, No! It's Pizza Hi Five - Vinyl Collection 2010-2012" Tape
GF091   Lt.Dan "Most Shit • Discography 2010 - 2014" Discography Tape
GF092   Sordo "Collection 2012 - 2013" Tape
GF093   Agathocles/Sauerkraut-Split 7"
GF094   Warfuck "Neantification" 12"
GF095   Compulsion To Kill "Ruined Society" CD
GF096   Archagathus/Violent Gorge Split 7"
GF097   Archagathus/Violent Gorge Split 7" Flexi
GF098   Subcut/Sram-Split 7"
GF099   Insomnia Isterica "Alcoholarchy" 7"
GF100   Agathocles/Partiya-Split 7"
GF101   Deboned "Demo" Tape
GF102   Rot "Old Dirty Grindcores" Tape
GF103   Paralyzed Society/Shutdown-Split Tape
GF104   Archagathus/Nak'ay-Split CD
GF105   Paucites/Future Cops-Split 7"
GF106   Ass To Mouth "Degenerate" 12"
GF107   Ass To Mouth "Degenerate" Tape
GF108   Sordo/Chainsaw Squid-Split 7"
GF109   Parfumerie "Transmundane And Unprofessional Delocation Of.... 7"
GF110   G.O.D./Ahna-Split 12"
GF111   D.E.R. "Rancor" 7"
GF112   Paucities/Chulo-Split 7"
GF113   Disturbance Project "Grita Mientras Puedas" Tape
GF114   violent Gorge "The Ileusad: Discography Vol. 1" Tape
GF115   Agathocles "If This Is Gore, What's Meat Then?" Tape
GF116   Repulsione "Sunrip" Tape
GF117   Terror Firmer/Su19b-Split 7"
GF118   Sordo "Tactical Precision Violence" Tape
GF119   Couple Skate "Ice Skate Lobotomy" Tape 2013
GF120   Chulo "Narco Terrorismo Sonoro 2010-2013" Tape
GF121   Bungus "First Two Years" Tape
GF122   Hyperemesis/Agathocles-Split Tape
GF123   Violent Gorge/Rotocles-Split Tape
GF124   G.O.D. "Grotesque Organ Defilement / Neurofibromatosis" Tapes
GF125   Couple Skate "Tales From The Corpse" 7"
GF126   SMG/Shitnoise Bastards-Split Tape
GF127   Coffee Grinder "The Grindcore Brothers 2000" Tape
GF128   Agathocles/Nauseate-Split CD
GF129   Dysmorfic "Tape Sessions" Tape
GF130   G.O.D. "Destroy Your Life For Capitalism" 7"
GF131   Agathocles/Paucities-Split 7"
GF132   Agathocles/Otnamus-Split Tape
GF133   Archagathus/Sordo-Split Tape
GF134   SMG/Abe Lincoln-Split Tape
GF135   Hellisheaven/Weald-Split 7"
GF136   Terror Firmer/Archagathus-Split 10"
GF137   Agathocles/Terror Firmer-Split 7"
GF138   Rageous Intenet/Greed-Split 7"
GF139   Whoresnation "Collection 2009-2012" Tape
GF140   Exacerbación/Shitnoise Bastards-Split Tape
GF141   New York Against The Belzebu/SMG-Split Tape
GF142   Test/Gi Joke-Split 7"
GF143   The Kill "The Soundtrack To Your Violence" Tape
GF144   Violent Gorge/Plague-Split 12"
GF145   Paucities/Rotting Rex-Split Tape
GF146   Agathocles "From Grey To Black" CD
GF147   Skunk/Restricted Rights-Split 7"
GF148   Horrible Pain "S/T" TapeE
GF149   Necrose "Discography (1992?-?2013)" Tape
GF150   Cut To Fit "The Doors Of Deception" Tape
GF151   Agathocles/Psychopathic-Split Tape
GF152   Haggus/Coule Skate-Split 7"
GF153   Paralyzed Society "Life Is Life" Tape
GF154   Flashout "Terminated Efficiency" Tape
GF155   Multinational Corporations "Jamat-Al-Maut" Tape
GF156   Pyemesis/Trabecular Hepatocellular Carcinoma-Split Tape
GF157   Unholy Grave/Mass Separation-Split Tape
GF158   V/A: "Grind N' Violence No Gang Violence" Compilation Tape
GF159   Expurgo "My Name Is Scum - Expurgo Discography (1999-2013)" Tape
GF160   Modorra "Solar Anus" Tape
GF161   Unholy Grave "Soul Grind Tornade" Tape
GF162   Dead On/Off "Apocalypse 13" Tape
GF163   Bungus/Laknat-Split Tape
GF164   Sete Star Sept/Hangmankind-Split Tape
GF165   Reekorrhoea/Pulvezering Necrobrains-Split Tape
GF166   Reekorrhoea/Pyemesis-Split Tape
GF167   Extreme Smoke 57/Shitnoise Bastards-Split Tape
GF168   Gangrene Discharge/Pyemesis-Split Tape/CDr
GF169   Agathocles/Gi.Joke-Split Tape
GF170   Deboned/Nekrodrunkz-Split Tape
GF171   Sobbed "Warphobia" Tape
GF172   Archagathus/Violent Gorge/Carcass Grinder-3 Way Split Tape
GF173   Pyemesis/Gruesome Bodyparts Autopsy-Split Tape
GF174   Abrasion/Terror Of Dynamite Attack-Split tape
GF175   SMG/Confusion-Split Tape
GF176   G.O.D. "Body Horror" Tape
GF177   G.O.D. "Body Horror" 12"
GF178   Neuntoter "Consumed In Gore" Tape
GF179   Agatocles "It Is What It Is" Tape/CD
GF180   Agathocles/Extreme Decay-Split Tape
GF181   Sram/Abortion-Split 7"
GF182   Ulcerous Phlegm "Phlegm As A Last Consequence" Tape
GF183   Soil Of Ignorance "Dealing With The Remains" 7"
GF184   Sixbrewbantha "Intravenously Commodified" Tape
GF185   Deterioration "The Power Of Positive Thinking" Tape
GF186   Warsore/Soil Of Ignorance-Split 7"
GF187   Agathocles/Thedead-Split Tape
GF188   Idiots Parade "Idiotsgraphy 2003 - 2013" Tape
GF189   Agathocles/MPG-Split 7"
GF190   Fiend "Derailed" Tape
GF191   Agitate "Wince-ography 2010-2014" Tape
GF192   Agathocles "Bollocks, Bombs And Butterflies" CD
GF193   Plague Rages "Praga" Tape
GF194   Radiation Vomit "Demo 2014" Tape
GF195   30XX " This Is Not My Final Form" Tape
GF196   Deteriotation/Inopexia-Split Tape
GF197   Hyperemesis/Meatus-Split Tape
GF198   Meatus "The Groaning Time" Tape
GF199   Agathocles/Cause Of Divorce-Split 10"
GF200   Archagathus/Nahu-Split CD
        GF201 Agathocles/Suffering Mind-Split CD*
GF202   Meatal Ulcer " In Case Of Emergency" Tape
GF203   Sedem Minút Strachu/Reeking Cross-Split Tape
GF204   Sete Star Sept "List of Assassin" Tape
GF205   Deterioration "Momentos Of A Sadist" Tape
FG206   Agathocles "More Angry Anthems 1985 - 2015" Tape
GF207   Drainage "Demo 2015" Tape
GF208   La Hija Del Carronero "Culto Macabro" Tape
GF209   Agathocles "Living With The Rats" CD
GF210   Teething/Feastem-Split Tape
GF211   Chronic Waste "Procreation Of The Wasted" Tape
GF212   Nekro Drunkz "Tyrants Of Toilet Music" Tape
GF213   Captain Cleanoff "Rising Terror" Tape
GF214   The Vanishing Act/G.O.D-Split Tape
GF215   Exit 13 "Smoking Songs" Tape
GF216   Cruel Face "Eu Amo Desgraça... Por Isso Adoro Muito Tudo Isto!" Tape
GF217   Hyperemesis/Birth-Split Tape
GF218   Hyperemesis/Captain Three Leg-Split Tape
GF219   Coffin Birth/Total Fucking Destruction/Insomnia Isterica/Skruta-4Way Split 7"
GF220   Hyperemesis/Girth/Horrendous Miscreation-3Way Split Tape
GF221   Oniku/Birth-Split Tape
GF222   Carcass Grinder/El Muermo-Split Tape
GF223   BxSxRx/Parlamentarisk Sodomi-Split Tape
GF224   Hyperemesis/Pancreatic Purulence-Split Tape
GF225   Social Crisis/Matka Teresa/Ultimo Rausea/Controlled Existence-4Way Split 7"
GF226   Compost "Vegetable Goregrind Discogaphy 2008-2013" Tape
GF227   Parazitozis/Cepalophore-Split tape
GF228   Gruesome Stuff Relish "Live In Delaware" Tape
GF229   Suffering Mind/Nak'ay-Split Tape
GF230   Haggus "The First Six Months A Mincecore Collection" Tape
GF231   Cannibalism "History Of Extinction" Tape
GF232   Su19b/Disrotted-Split Tape    
GF233   Pulmonaru Fibriosis "Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis" Tape
GF234   Groak/Lugubrious Children-Split 7"
GF235   Restos Humanos "S/T" CD
GF236   Acid Feast/Girth-Split tape
GF237   Acid Feast/Horrendous Miscreation-Split Tape
GF238   Unholy Grave/SMG-Split Tape
GF239   Oniku "Bokujou" Tape
GF240   Warsore/Quill-Split Tape
GF241   Groak/Su19b-Split Tape
GF242   Test "Espécies" Tape
GF243   Undinism "We Are Retarded" Tape
GF244   Ulcerrhoea/Pulmonary Fibrosis-Split Tape
GF245   Chulo "Powerciolencia" Tape
GF246   Sick/tired/Sea Of Shit-Split Tape
GF247   Archagthus/Terror Firmer-Split Tape
GF248   Haggus/Agathocles-Split 7"
GF249   Dead Issue/Raw Noise Apes-Split 7"
GF250   Bruce Campbell "A Brief History Of Our Madness 2006-2014" Tape
GF251   908 "Self Titled Ep I / Self Titled Ep II" Tape
GF252   Pulmonary Fibriosis/Vomitoma-Split Tape
GF253   Reeking Cross "Cloaked In Vermin • Reissue With Bonus Track" Tape
GF254   Moloch/Meth Drinker-SpliT Tape
GF255   Embalming Theatre "Re-Animated Tomb Contents • Live At Sedel" Tape
GF256   Clogged "S/T" Tape
GF257   Deterrence/Yattaï-Split 12"
GF258   Agathocles "Commence to mince" Tape
GF259   Disrotted "Collection" Tape
GF260   Pizzahifive "Perception//Deconstruction" 7"
GF261   Deboned/Existench-Split 7"
GF262   Agathocles "To Serve To Protect" Tape
GF263   Gi Joke "Discotape" Tape
GF264   Plague Rages/Sakatat/Tools Of The Trade-3 Way Split Tape
GF265   Pulmonary Fibrosis "Organ Maggots" Tape
GF266   Pulmonary Fibrosis "Interstitial Lung Diseases" Tape
          GF267 Tools Of Trade/Endless Swarm-Split 7"*
GF268   Reeking Cross/Sensory Deprivation-Split Tape
GF269   Coffin Birth/Shitgrinder-Split Tape
GF270   Dilution "The Bacalao Incident?" Tape
GF271   Agathocles/G.O.D.-Split CD
GF272   Gowl "The Sound Of Youth • !! Demo And Split Collection !!" Tape
GF273   Rageous Intent "Grindcore Compilation 2012 - 2016 " Tape
GF274   Archagathus/Sram-Split 7"
GF275   Grinding/Satan-Split CDr
GF276   Violent Gorge/Lt.Dan-Split 7"
GF277   Maggut "Maggutography" Tape
GF278   Convulsions "S/T" 7"
GF279   Chronic Waste/Ona Snop/Pas Fin/Nasty Face-4 Way Split Tape
GF280   Hyperemesis/Dope Resin-Split Tape
GF281   Carcass Grinder "Grind Years Collection • Split 7"'s & CD's" Tape
GF282   Hyperemesis "Failed Pharyngyoplasty And Subsequent Management" Tape
GF283   Bile "Bloodshed" Tape
GF284   Heinous "Gore From The Gutter" 7"
GF285   Your Kid's On Fire "Aught Six: A Necrodyssey" Tape
GF286   Bloody Phoenix "Dead To Evryone" Tape
GF287   Deterioration/Cystoblastosis-Split Tape
GF288   Archagathus "Baltimore Rehearsal Demo 2016" Tapeo
GF289   Radiation Vomit/Heinous Split 7"
GF290   Warfair "From Inception To Disentigration • Discography" Tape
GF291   Raw Noise Apes/SxOxTxE-Split 10"
GF292   Jack "Neurosis" Tape
          GF293 Archagathus/Haggus-Split 7"*
GF294   Agathocles "Burning Bucharest" Tape
GF295   Apostosis/Agathocles-Split Tape
GF296   Haggus/Archagathus-Split Tape
         GF297   .................................*
GF298   Couple Skate/Girth-Split 12"
GF299   Corpseeater "Unholy Massacre" Tape
GF300   Heinous "Gore From The Gutter" Tape
GF301   Extreme Smoke 57/Noll Iq/Kamprad/No Krångel-4 Way Split Tape
GF302   Sedem Minut Strachu/De Blenders-Split 10"
          GF303 Cannibalized Tape*
          GF304 Archagtahus/Jm Churchill-Split Tape*

GF305   Oniku "Way To Live" Tape
GF306   The Afternoon Gentlemen "Still Pissed 2012 - 2015" Tape
GF307   Matka Teresa/strategic War Head-Split Tape
GF308   Rot "Nowhere" Tape
GF309   Sulfuric Cautery "Experiments With Sulfur ★ The First Year 2015-2016" Tape
GF310   Gourmet "The Blast Supper" Tape
GF311   Violent Gorge/Percy Jerk Off-Split Tape
GF312   Test "     Espécies" 12"
          GF313 Gangrene/Haggus-Split Tape*
GF314   Excruciating Terror "Legacy Of Terror Sessions" Tape
GF315   Agathocles ""Mincer" Tape
GF316   Reekorrhoea "Reekcollectionrrhoea" Tape
GF317   Gruesome Stuff Relish "Last Men In Gore" Tape
GF318   Altar Of Giallo "A Blood Feast For The Giallo Maniacs" Tape
GF319   Endless demise "Process Of Elimination" Tape
GF320   Oniku/Lacunar Infarction-Split Tape
GF321   Bad Grind Spencer/Mindcollapse-Split 7"
GF322   Matka Teresa/Cruel Face-Split Tape
          GF323 Pulmonary Fibrosis 12"*
GF324   Test/Ethiopa-Split 7"
GF325   Agathocles / fentanyl suprise-split tape
GF326   Archagathus/Lt.Dan-Split Tape
GF327   Recalcitrant "Grind Carnage Discography Part 1" Tape
GF328   Meatus/Parazitozis-Split Tape
GF329   Matka Teresa/Multinational Corporations-Split 5" Lathecut
GF330   Parazitozis/Pulmonary Fibrosis-Split Tape
GF331   Pregnancy "Demo" 7"
GF332   Agathocles "Total Fucking Chimpoggerthocles • Live At Chimpyfest 2016" Tape
GF333   Nak'ay / LxPxPx-Split Tape
GF334   Blood "Mental Conflicts" Tape
GF335   Famine "Gold 2013-2017" Tape
GF336   Erectile Dementia "Rock N' Roll Abortion" 12"
          GF337 Camphora Monobromata/Grinchfinger-Split 7"*
GF338   Nasty Face "Face Collection" Tape
GF339   Suppression/Surfulic Cautery-Split Tape
GF340   Fentanyl Surpise "First Year Discography" Tape
GF341   Pizzahifive/Soil Of Ignorance-Split Tape
GF342   Enemigo "Collection" Tape
GF343   Deterioration/Haggus-Split 7"
          GF344 Sulfuric Cautery/Horrible Pain-Split 12"*
GF345   Ulcerrhoea "Discography 2000-2003" Tape
GF346   Weedous Mincer/Gorgos-Split Tape
GF347   Ulcerrhoea/Siviilimurha-Split 7"
GF348   Pulsating Cerebral Slime "Matul Jamboree" Tape
GF349   Dead "A Dirty Mind Is A Joy Forever" Tape
GF350   Matka Teresa/Jeffrey Dahmer-Split Tape
GF351   Screaming Feast "The Nights Of Terror" Tape
GF352   Agathocles "Cabbalic Gnosticism • Demo 01/88" Tape
          GF353 Archagathus/Camphora Monobromata/Nauseate-3 Way Split CD*
GF354   Matka Teresa/Durian-Split Tape
GF355   Meth Drinker "Oil" Tape
          GF356 takashi ohkawa split 7''*
GF357   Agathocles/Existench-Split 7"
          GF358 7mon/deflowered cunt*
          GF359 death toll 80k*
          GF360 mesrine/pulmonary fibrosis*

* - those are not out yet

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